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Olympic Weight Training Program

The Olympic Weight Training Program is aimed at helping a person achieve a higher level of fitness or to help an athlete perform at a higher level in their particular sport. Olympic weightlifting exercises can help a person achieve the following benefits:

  • Increased athletic qualities such as speed, strength flexibility or coordination
  • Improved athletic performance or fitness
  • A decreased possibility of suffering an athletic injury

Typically Athabasca Weightlifting offers a power and speed development program to help introduce Olympic training to athletes in other sports. This training helps athletes in such sports as hockey and football to prepare for the upcoming season, by quickly enabling these athletes to recruit motor units at high intensity levels. Athabasca Weightlifting can provide on going weight training support as the athlete enters their competitive season.

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Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

A study conducted at the 1976 Olympic Games confirmed that Olympic Weightlifters were the quickest of all the Olympic athletes, had the best vertical jump, and were able to run step-for-step with the best sprinters up to 20-30 meters.

According to Dr. John Garhammer, biomechanics professors at Long Beach State University, elite Olympic Weightlifters produce more power than any other human activity, period.

The most efficient way to develop speed and power is through Olympic-style Weightlifting. Also you reduce the chance of injury when participating in sports due to strengthened muscles, tendons and ligaments.
Carl Miller (Physical Conditioning Center)

Olympic Weightlifting develops functional strength and total body explosive power. Unlike Weight Training or Powerlifting, there are no isolated movements and speed is the essential element of the Olympic lifts. No athlete can develop their true potential for muscular power without utilizing the Olympic lifts.
Wayne Wilson (Strength & Conditioning Coach in BC)

 Here are my top 5 reasons to add strength training to your exercise regime.

1. Improved metabolism: Metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories, and the more more lean muscle mass you have (developed by strength training) the more calories you will burn at rest to sustain muscle increase.

2. It makes everyday activities easier: Increased strength will help you complete everyday tasks more easily. This includes things like bringing in your groceries, scooping your children up out of their cribs, and picking up toys off the floor.

3. Improved posture: The way you sit, and stand is affected by the muscles in your neck, shoulders, abs, back and hips. The stronger these muscles are the straighter you will stand and sit (and it's more comfortable).

4. Strengthens bones: When your muscles move, they pull on your bones, thereby strengthening them. Strong bones will help reduce the chance of injury and also prevent osteoporosis

5.Graceful aging: Strength training reduces loss of muscle mass due to inactivity and aging. Great news if you're looking for a natural way to look younger, longer.

Sarah Brown (That's Fit website)

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