Athabasca Weightlifting Club

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Athabasca Weightlifting Club

The goal of the Athabasca Weightlifting Club is to support the development of the sport of Olympic weightlifting and the use of Olympic weight training by athletes of other sports in the community of Athabasca.

Membership is open to females and males, twelve years and older. The club membership fees for July 2016 to May 2017 will be $45.00 per lifter plus a $50 participation deposit. The participation deposit will be  rebated $50 to members after the lifter has competed in two A.W.A. competitions during the season.

As the Alberta Weightlifting Association (A.W.A.) provides insurance coverage plus equipment to the club, all Athabasca Weightlifting members are required to have a valid A.W.A. membership. Cost of A.W.A. membership is $70 for the year for those over 20 years, but as of July 2017 there is no charge for a A.W.A. membership to youth or junior lifters.

Finally members are also responsible for paying the drop in fee to the Athabasca Multiplex or maintain an Athabasca Multiplex membership during training at the Athabasca Multiplex. Drop-in one use pass range from $3.00 to $6.00. Yearly membership range from $275 per students to $400 per an adult.


Just as hard work of athletes in the training room is important, another component in the development of lifters is proper coaching. Unlike many gym and health clubs, the Athabasca Weightlifting Club is able to provide coaching from a coach certified under the National Coaching Certification Program in Canada.

 Provincial Coach Michael Mountford started the Athabasca Weightlifting Club in 2003. Michael first started coaching weightlifting in 1980 in Fort Saskatchewan and then formed a new club in Edmonton in 1988. Michael Mountford has coached and managed provincial weightlifting teams at the Junior Canada Cup, the Canada Winter Games and in Hokkaido Japan.


Under the old National Coaching Certification Program for weightlifting, Michael was certified at the level two, plus completed the theory and practical components at the third level.  Michael is currently one of Alberta's Coach Developers for the new National Coaching Certification Program for weightlifting and typically delivers two coaching courses in Northern Alberta each year. Outside of the training room, Michael works as a Certified Management Accountant. Michael has also served as President and as Treasurer for the Alberta Weightlifting Association.

 Assistant coach for the club is Jason Bellingham. Jason completed the stage 1 introductory course for coaches of Olympic weightlifting and are working towards full certification.   

Like other clubs affiliated with the Alberta Weightlifting Association, members of Athabasca Weightlifting receive training based on scientific methods, not based on myths or traditions. A certified coach is able to effectively teach the technical skills of exercises in the training room, monitor training room performance and develop programs for future performance.